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About us

The Church Oasis de Fe is located in the City of Torreon, Coahuila, México. It was founded by Pastors Rafael & Argentina Ríos and had the first service on June the 2nd, 2002. We started in the backyard of a small house that we rented after we moved back to Torreon having lived for 2 years in Texas City, TX.


After 3 weeks the backyard was full and we moved to the front of the house, in the garage area where we fixed the place to accomodate a bigger number of chairs.  


The Church was being shaped by God in every way, and the desire has always been for the Church to be a place of refuge and refreshment where the people can receive a fresh Word from God and also to help them find their purpose. After some time, and under God’s instructions, we moved into another place where we stayed for a few months. 


From it’s birth, the Church has been blessed with the visit of several missions teams, as well as some ministers, including our Bishop, Delbert Herrin. The word has been shared by preachers from several nations including Poland, the United States of America, Israel, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, and South Africa. This has brought strength to the vision of the church in it’s call to the nations.


After some time, they moved to another place. That place required a huge amount of work, because it didn’t had any of the things needed to accommodate a Church. So the church started to work and after several months the intense work continued to accommodate the ministry needs. We had the invaluable help of some missions teams that really helped us and made the difference, like the missions team from New Life Tabernacle in Sullivan, IL. and the visit of CCF missions team among others. May the Lord Bless you abundantly for your work and commitment to extend the Kingdom, we will be forever grateful.


Because of the condition of the building we had to start the services in the 2nd floor.


One of the things the Lord spoke to us was that the reason why he was moving us there is because he wanted His people to learn to love His work. And as you can se it was a huge task but the success of the work became evident.







The doors of the Church has always remained open. Our heart is to always reflect Jesus’s love. People in the church feel like a part of a big family, and give love as they have been loved. The Families are an important part of the vision, if we work towards family unity, it will be easier to reach our goals, and be closer to God.

In November, 2007, we moved into a new location. We outgrew the place and God provided with a bigger place where we can acomodate the church and work on ministry in a better way.


Each one of the phases the Church has gone through have become steps that bring us closer to the accomplishment of the vision. As of today, we continue working with what we have. But the God given vision is clear and big, and even though it looks like a difficult task to reach it, we can do all things through Christ who strengthen us.

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