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Oasis in Haiti

The Lord has give us the honor to work in Haiti. It's a nation where we have found a loving church that embraced us and became part of our ministry. In the picture we can see the Apostle Alberoi Augustine, that is the leader over 8 churches there that became Oasis de la Foi on April of this year (Oasis of Faith) and to whom we are giving spiritual covering. On my trip there many things happened that is not possible for me to share on one single page, but one thing I can share, we have been sent to make a difference.

Here is a map that shows the eight churches among the nation.

One of the things I realized while I was there is how we take for granted how blessed we are, we complain about many things but I cannot see how can anybody complain to the Lord about our problems standing next to people like Alberoi and the pastors and leaders there, that day by day they face not only basic needs but a strong spiritual opression

When you see them, is like if you can percieve in the spirit that you are among seasoned warriors, with banged up armors, and even some rustic tools, but is people ready and eager to be trained, people very aware (more than anyone I have known) of the spiritual battle, people of prayer, people that praise the Lord in a very special way, the kind of praise that feels like an army of dancers is holding your arm and moving you forward into the praise hall of the throne, you have to be there to understand what I´m trying to describe.

When I entered the church on the first night I was there, there was only a dim light, no electricity, the church was fulled of people that one one voice were praising God singing and old hymn in Creole, it was like being in a cave, I remembered the stories of the persecuted church and I cried to see how commited this people was to follow Jesus, and to hear the passion on their voice as they were singing with all of their hearts, it was a time of resfreshment as they were unloading their burdens before the Lord and even the children wouldn´t miss such a special time of worship, they were on first row, and on every service they were the ones showing up before anybody else.

They are part of the Body of Christ, and they need from the rest of the body, they need food, they need training, but most of all, they need commited people to lift them up in prayer. We where sent there for a reason and our hearts have become one, and even we may have limited resources, we have a God that have no limits.

Alberoi, my dear friend, you are not alone, you have been chosen by God, to be a Joshua for your people, you will introduce them into the promised land as God is bring them out of captivity, tell the pastors to be faithful, tell them not to dismay, because on the apointed time the promises that the Lord has giving them will come to pass. Keep walking, knowing that as you intruduce them into a new territory, the army of the Lord is moving and advancing, and we will not be stopped, becasue Haiti is for Jesus!!!

Help me pray that the Lord will release the finances to fix my visa and be able to take an apostolic team there to train the pastors and leaders, help us pray that the Lord will protect them an us from any attack, help us pray that the Lord will strenghten their faith.

If you would like to email Apostle Alberoi and encourage him here is his email address

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